Station Stays SA

Embrace the Authentic Outback Experience with Station Stays in SA So much of Australia’s natural beauty is in the outback, and there’s no better way to experience that directly than with our station stays in SA. Almerta Station is a premier camping destination in South Australia that offers exceptional privacy, a relaxing atmosphere, multiple nearby […]

Sheep Farm Australia

Relax and Reconnect with Nature at a Rustic Sheep Farm in Australia Enjoy a beautiful, peaceful getaway in nature at a true sheep farm in Australia’s gorgeous outback at a unique spot among the Flinders Ranges at Almerta Station. Here adults have the chance to reconnect with nature and let kids roam and play freely […]

Large Group Accommodation South Australia

Almerta Station offers Large Group Accommodation in South Australia Almerta Station is a family-owned and operated destination and sheep station that offer large group accommodation in South Australia, away from all the bustle of the big cities. All too often in this modern world, we live overscheduled lives in the constant din of our screens […]

Hiking Trails Australia

Visit Almerta Station for World-Class Hiking Trails in Australia Are you looking for a vacation destination with plenty of hiking trails in Australia? You will find precisely what you’re seeking with a visit to Almerta Station. We are unique as far as vacation destinations are concerned: a family-owned sheep station in the Flinders Range that […]

Flinders Range Camping

Reconnect with Your True Self During a Stay at Flinders Range Camping Few things allow you to get back in touch with your inner nature better than Flinders Range camping. Almerta Station has cultivated excellent camping spots in South Australia that are ideally suited to your needs to get away from the modern world. While […]

Caravan Park South Australia

Caravan Park South Australia at the Gateway to Flinders Ranges Pack up the family and load the camper for a vacation in the bush at our peaceful caravan park in South Australia. Almerta Station is a sprawling homestead at the gateway to the Flinders Range, where adults have the chance to reconnect with nature and […]

Camping South Australia

Enjoy Authentic Camping in South Australia at Almerta Station here is truly no shortage of beautiful sites for camping in South Australia, but not every location can offer the same type of authentic experience you might prefer. Whether you favour waking up to birdsong in the morning before spending the day bushwalking, or you like […]

Camping Adelaide

What Should You Know About Camping Around Adelaide? Is it time for you to take the opportunity to disconnect from the busy world by exploring camping outside Adelaide? When every day is all about commuting from place to place, getting work done, and hustling to the next item on your schedule, burnout is almost inevitable. […]

Astronomy in Adelaide

Almerta Station Offers Astronomy in Adelaide Away from Light Pollution Almerta Station has been a sheep station for over 100 years and our remote location, far away from the hectic life of the cities, offers unmatched astronomy in Adelaide. Our ancestors looked to the night skies with wonder in their eyes, seeing thousands of twinkling […]

Bike Trails SA

Experience the Best Bike Trails in SA Biking enthusiasts take note: if you are looking for the finest bike trails in SA, it’s tough to top what we offer at Almerta Station. Located near the Flinders Ranges National Park, we offer campsites and lodging to explorers interested in experiencing all the beauty and majesty this […]